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Would you like to give a brand new look to your favorite piece of furniture?

We’ll do it for you!

If you’re an owner of a piece of furniture, visibly touched by time, with a big aesthetic and/or functional potential and you can’t just get rid of it, contact us to order a personalized makeover.

We’ll take care of everything and include your own ideas, so that the project meets all your demands. When planning a renovation, we always start from fixing any cavities and end with choosing the right colors.

Costs of renovation and restyling depend on various factors and are calculated individually. Most meaningful are the size and the condition of your piece of furniture.

There’s also a possibility of custom-styling of a piece which we have in possession. Check out the “Custom-orders” tab on our website, where we’ll add articles available to choose & redesign with us!


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ul.Zakątna 8
05-080 Hornówek
tel: +48 697 374 280, +48 601 219 614
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ul. Zakątna 8
05-080 Hornówek-Izabelin
tel: +48 601 219 614
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM / Sat 10AM – 2PM